Painting allows me to think. To paint is to get to grips with reality. I like the words of Francis Bacon who, if I remember this correctly said that painting is not about the illustration of reality but about depicting a condensed form of reality. In my opinion the true significance of a painting does not lie outside the human universe but exists somewhere in the domain of shared human experience. The idea that there are painted spaces…sometimes randomly found, but the very fact that these spaces have common ground between individuals is very appealing to me.

“The use of a wide range in size of the brushes in Berry Sanders ‘ work produces significant differences in detail and that adds to the dynamics of the image. Peacefully observing these images is a challenge. The eye is constantly torn  between the immediate surface and the suggested depth. Perception pinches, because there is a clear tension between the different layers in which some-times a single swipe can suggest a painted space”.

– Essay by Elisabeth Schreuder, Art Historian, August 2009


Berry Sanders, Rotterdam, 1971


Kunstacademie St.Joost, Breda

Radboud University, Nijmegen

Strabrecht College, Geldrop




” Stable Diffusion” solo show at Till Richter Museum, Buggenhagen (Germany)

April 15  – August 31 2023


Benefiet voor Brabant, van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, December – January 2021/2022

Salon Veneman, Eindhoven  November – January 2021/22

Academisch Genootschap Eindhoven, June – August 2019

Grenswerk, van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, December 2016 – January 2017

Flipside, Eindhoven, November – December 2015

Bart Kunst in Huis, Nijmegen, October 2013

‘Spilliaert Ostend Blues Blues’, April- August 2012, Ostend (BE), galerie Theobald’s Boothuisje

5th anniversary Galerie Bart, 31 March-5 May 2012, Amsterdam (NL)

Zweigstelle Berlin (DE), 31 March-29 April 2012

Rotary Art Fair Eindhoven, 30, 31 March and 1 April 2012

Art Walk Eindhoven, galerie van de Water, December 2011

‘Preview Berlin’, presentatie galerie Bart, 8-11 sept. 2011

‘From different corners’, paperworks – artists from international galleries 2011. Düsseldorf, Vienna, Prague, Strassbourg.

Berry Sanders, Myra de Vries, Niels Helmink & René Kuipers, Bart Kunst in Huis, Nijmegen,  March – May 2011

Berry Sanders, Galerie van de Water, Eindhoven, September 11 – October 27 2010

Oostende Cultuurstad van Vlaanderen 2010, “Licht aan de zee”, Galerie Theobald’s Boothuisje,

April-August 2010 Select Media Festival 8, Super Bad Ass Show, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago (US)

Montanus5, Dicksmuide (B), November 2009

 ‘Tales from the Bubble’, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago (US), November 2009

Galerie Peninsula, Eindhoven, september-oktober 2009

Saekkers, Eindhoven, June 2009

Strijp X, Eindhoven, March 2009

‘Verstand van Smaak’, Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven, February 2009

Grenswerk, Flipside, Eindhoven, November 2008

Salon XI NBKS, Breda, November 2008

Work period Tripkau (D), August 2008

Muzelinck, Oss, July 2008

NEP, The Living Room, Amsterdam, March 2008

NEP, Galerie Peninsula, Eindhoven, November 2007

Galerie Bart, Amsterdam, April 2007

Around the world in 80 questions, global mobile exhibition October 2006

Galerie de Kunstkamer, Hoogeloon, October 2006

RotoSmeets GrafiServices Eindhoven, August 2006

Editfestival Strijp-S, Eindhoven June 2006

Bart Kunst in Huis – Nijmegen, May 2006

Hier 2 – Krabbedans/MU, Eindhoven, January 2006

Gelregaleries st. Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem, March 2005

Bart Kunst in Huis, Nijmegen, January 2005

Remy van Ulden, Geldrop, November 2004

Graduation Show St. Joost, Breda, juni 2004